about learning new things...

Hannah pulls back her bow.
Yesterday I posted about wanting to teach my daughter to embrace learning new things.. no matter what age. So, with that in mind, I wanted to veer off the art topic here, which I will do from time to time, because, well, this is my blog. LOL. Plus, I will probably run out of stuff to write about when I get stuck in a creative rut...

So, today was a Girl Scout Day.. and it was one that we had been looking forward to. Why? Because it involved sharp objects! Yes my friends, today was archery badge day with a side serving of tomahawk throwing!

Greg throws a tomahawk.
Not only did Hannah get to learn all about archery and shoot arrows at targets but Mom did too! And, despite growing up in a heavy Boy Scouting family and being an Eagle Scout, Greg had never thrown tomahawks, so we all got to learn something new.

I get my turn to shoot arrows..
guess what 3 bulls eyes in a row earned me?
Aside from Greg and me, the girls also got to watch their Troop Leader, Emily and Asst. Leader and Mom, Julie participate. I think one of the best ways we can teach our kids is by modeling behavior. Experts tell us that if kids SEE their parents reading, they will be more likely to develop their own love of reading. So, in that vein, I believe that if kids see US try something new, they will be apt to learn to try new things and have more experiences.

What new things are you teaching your kids??
Hannah and her friend throw tomahawks. Watch out boys!
New badges.. Hannah earned her Pioneering Badge and she and I BOTH earned archery badges today!


  1. I love this!! I do worry that Benjamin will just want to be on whatever electronic of the day because I'm always working on mine. I hope he has a passion for art (like me) and reading (like both of us) too.. and that we're able to teach him balance through example. So hard!


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