rolling along

I'm still here!

Things have been a whirlwind as school finds its last few weeks and I continue to prepare for Open Studios in just a couple more weeks!
I have already lined up Greg to assist me with some bigger projects on Saturday that involve digging out the drills and saws. We'll make our hardware store run and then bust through my list. I might have to make a clay run at some point and then try to just finish up projects so I can start pricing!!
My muse has been all over the place so I have a kind of strange array of works lying on my table. I hope the sun peeps out more tomorrow so I can take some more pictures. I have been sorely negligent in shooting anything more than a few sneak peeks with my phone. What can I say? I like to tease... heehee
Anyway, I did capture a couple of newer pieces when I was photographing the mosaics for my postcards!!

The Secrets
And not to toot my own horn, but I LOVE the way this piece turned out! I started with one of my house shapes and attached it to some particle board my hubby had cut down and went to town. The black and silver piece is a cast off earring from the 80's ;). Ooh its vintage! LOL Even though this is not my usual color palette, I know it works and I am super happy with it. This is the piece that I finished JUST AFTER delivering my artwork to the gallery for the art show and reception. I would definitely have taken this piece, but 'c'est la vie!'
Hope to have some more to share soon...


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