Friday, April 26, 2013


Sorry!, Seem to have been missing in action this week. Its been a busy one all around with the daughter STAR testing, the hubby working some weird hours and me cramming for the Gallery Opening of the Open Studios Preview which runs the month of May.

Why does it seem so hard to get 3-4 pieces of artwork ready to show?? I tend to work at a pretty frenetic pace, but I DO have a "day job" so I don't get as many hours in the studio as I wish I did. When I do, I tend to go all out rolling clay, stamping and cutting tiles and building artwork. What escapes my attention is the little things, like painting the packs of pieces and putting on hanging hardware. I need an INTERN or an elf. Such lack of attention causes much panic in these last hours before a deadline. Of course I ran out of hanging wire, sawtooth hangers AND printer ink at the same time. Fortunately heading out to the hardware store and Staples caused me to have to stop and breathe and chill a bit. I am MUCH closer to being ready to take the artwork down to the gallery tomorrow.  Just gotta get my labels made. Once they are delivered I will show you which pieces I decided to take ( I am not sure what will make the cut yet.. lol)

Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Little BlogLovin'

If you're an avid blog reader like I am, you probably use a service like Google Reader to manage your blog subscriptions, AND you've probably all heard the news the Google isn't continuing with Google Reader which means no more Google Friend Connect. (BOO!)

There are still several ways to follow blogs though and now is the time to start planning and moving your favorite blogs.

I'd love it if you LIKED Short Attention Span Studios on Facebook  or followed this blog on Bloglovin'. You can even import your Google Reader blogs to it! If you aren't familiar with Bloglovin' it's a very simple website that allows you to input all your favorite blogs and read them all on one page.

Now, I've got some work to do...

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Memorial house art piece...

hXeFLv on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

I  am not usually  a fan of animated gifs but I figured this was the best way to share this piece.
I created this piece kind of last minute for my SIL and her family after the sudden loss of their beloved doggie this past week. Within 24 hours he went to seemingly normal and healthy, to having to be put to sleep because he was suffering. Howie was Tia's first "baby" and her daughter followed a a few years later. I know it was a very tough week for them all and I wanted to create something that they could remember him by once the dog crate and other doggie artifacts get moved outside.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Mark Your Calendars

As I mentioned previously, I signed up to take part in this year's Open Studios Art Tour in San Benito County (which is where we live). While I have attended many Open Studio events, this is my first time actually participation as an exhibitor. 

Last night was the first meeting about the Open Studio tour. I met some of the other artists and we got some tips from the director of the Santa Cruz arts league who has over 300 studios participate in their tour! We have a much more manageable 27! We got the first of our collateral.. these reminder postcards and posters to share with friends and business... check it out! One of my frames is on the card!! So exciting.

For those of you who are wondering what "Open Studios" is all about... its a chance to visit the studios of working artists in your area. Many communities host such events. In our county, there is a Preview Exhibition at our local gallery in Hollister with representative works from all of the artists.. sort of an over view of what will be on the tour. 

The weekend the tour itself, folks can get a map of participating artists and visit their actual studios to meet the artist, see their work, their studio and how they do what they do. The artists will also sell their work at this event. It can be very informative and quite interesting as most artists have exhibits or demonstrations of how they create their work!

Needless to say, I have been working feverishly to get ready for the even even though it is still a couple of months away. I know how deadlines can sneak up! and I don't want to be unprepared. There is a long check list running through my head at all times and I should probably write it down so I can actually check things off as I go. 

If you are local to the area, I encourage you to visit the exhibit in May or visit some of the studios the first weekend in June! Hope to see you here!!

Friday, April 12, 2013


This piece is a happy studio accident. I can't even remember the steps I took to get here from wherever I was in my creative process but I like where I ended up!

I am a person that needs positive reinforcement... particularly from MYSELF. I often find myself doubting myself, my creativity, my abilities. I spent several hours in the studios yesterday and I felt really good. I was full of so much  inspiration and excitement that I was practically bursting. When I logged into Google chat to touch base with Joleen, regarding a joint project, we both were "talking" so fast that our conversation was quite jumbled.

But, here we are in a new day and suddenly the doubt is surfacing. Can I pull off this Open Studios thing? Can I get my studio ready for strangers? Can I create enough work to show? Will anyone LIKE it? Am I good enough??

STOP!! Maybe I seriously need a stop sign..???

Well, I decided on a prettier route.. these small wall plaques that combine my handmade tiles and sculpted hearts with affirming words of encouragement. I know I will be making one to hang right by my bathroom mirror where I can see it EVERY morning while I get ready for the day.  These words are ones that speak to me, which words would you choose??

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Clearing the shelves

Started off this morning with a run to the M store. My friend Amber, gave me a head's up on their ad for the week which featured all modeling clay for 87¢ a brick! The regular price for my clay of choice is $2.49 so it was well worth the trip! I felt mildly bad for the cashier who had to price over ride every.single.block of clay I purchased due to a computer glitch. I say "mildly" because while she was pleasant and apologized for the delay, she chomped gum loudly with her mouth open the entire time. Eeew! When I got home, we decided to weigh the bag. 10 pounds of clay to add to the stash. Yes, I admit I cleared several rows of clay on the shelf. I am THAT girl. That ought to keep me busy for some time!

I DID hit the studio for awhile this afternoon. Decided to spend some time stamping out words for pieces. I like to incorporate words and quotes into some of my work :). I think they look so pretty lying in the pan to bake. By the way, I am back to baking in a little toaster oven as opposed to our new kitchen oven. Yay for Target sales. Getting used to baking smaller batches of tile at a time but its nice to be able to just bake it off in the studio as opposed to trekking into the house every time.

Aside from my pile of word tiles, I worked on a mirror I have in progress. Just when I think I have enough tiles made in the right color way and glue them all on.. nope! I need to make another batch of two. Here is a little sneak peek. The palette is a bit different for me but I think it is super pretty.

Oh, and those word tiles.. they inspired a new thing that I am SUPER excited about. But you gotta wait for a bit to find out what it is...

Saturday, April 6, 2013

New blog

Welcome to my new blog. I spending more time working on SASS stuff lately so it seemed like the thing to do.
This is basically the run of the mill, first post test as its late and I am working on my new website but should probably head to bed.
At least I will share a picture of one oft newest pieces.