Sorry!, Seem to have been missing in action this week. Its been a busy one all around with the daughter STAR testing, the hubby working some weird hours and me cramming for the Gallery Opening of the Open Studios Preview which runs the month of May.

Why does it seem so hard to get 3-4 pieces of artwork ready to show?? I tend to work at a pretty frenetic pace, but I DO have a "day job" so I don't get as many hours in the studio as I wish I did. When I do, I tend to go all out rolling clay, stamping and cutting tiles and building artwork. What escapes my attention is the little things, like painting the packs of pieces and putting on hanging hardware. I need an INTERN or an elf. Such lack of attention causes much panic in these last hours before a deadline. Of course I ran out of hanging wire, sawtooth hangers AND printer ink at the same time. Fortunately heading out to the hardware store and Staples caused me to have to stop and breathe and chill a bit. I am MUCH closer to being ready to take the artwork down to the gallery tomorrow.  Just gotta get my labels made. Once they are delivered I will show you which pieces I decided to take ( I am not sure what will make the cut yet.. lol)


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