This piece is a happy studio accident. I can't even remember the steps I took to get here from wherever I was in my creative process but I like where I ended up!

I am a person that needs positive reinforcement... particularly from MYSELF. I often find myself doubting myself, my creativity, my abilities. I spent several hours in the studios yesterday and I felt really good. I was full of so much  inspiration and excitement that I was practically bursting. When I logged into Google chat to touch base with Joleen, regarding a joint project, we both were "talking" so fast that our conversation was quite jumbled.

But, here we are in a new day and suddenly the doubt is surfacing. Can I pull off this Open Studios thing? Can I get my studio ready for strangers? Can I create enough work to show? Will anyone LIKE it? Am I good enough??

STOP!! Maybe I seriously need a stop sign..???

Well, I decided on a prettier route.. these small wall plaques that combine my handmade tiles and sculpted hearts with affirming words of encouragement. I know I will be making one to hang right by my bathroom mirror where I can see it EVERY morning while I get ready for the day.  These words are ones that speak to me, which words would you choose??


  1. It's awesome, just like you. The studio will be ready, you'll have enough artwork, and everybody will think it's the bomb.
    Here's one for your mirror....



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