Clearing the shelves

Started off this morning with a run to the M store. My friend Amber, gave me a head's up on their ad for the week which featured all modeling clay for 87¢ a brick! The regular price for my clay of choice is $2.49 so it was well worth the trip! I felt mildly bad for the cashier who had to price over ride every.single.block of clay I purchased due to a computer glitch. I say "mildly" because while she was pleasant and apologized for the delay, she chomped gum loudly with her mouth open the entire time. Eeew! When I got home, we decided to weigh the bag. 10 pounds of clay to add to the stash. Yes, I admit I cleared several rows of clay on the shelf. I am THAT girl. That ought to keep me busy for some time!

I DID hit the studio for awhile this afternoon. Decided to spend some time stamping out words for pieces. I like to incorporate words and quotes into some of my work :). I think they look so pretty lying in the pan to bake. By the way, I am back to baking in a little toaster oven as opposed to our new kitchen oven. Yay for Target sales. Getting used to baking smaller batches of tile at a time but its nice to be able to just bake it off in the studio as opposed to trekking into the house every time.

Aside from my pile of word tiles, I worked on a mirror I have in progress. Just when I think I have enough tiles made in the right color way and glue them all on.. nope! I need to make another batch of two. Here is a little sneak peek. The palette is a bit different for me but I think it is super pretty.

Oh, and those word tiles.. they inspired a new thing that I am SUPER excited about. But you gotta wait for a bit to find out what it is...


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