Hope for Oklahoma

Hello Friends...

Like many of you I was saddened by the news of the tornado that touched down in Moore, OK this past week. I have very good friends who live close to Moore and waited anxiously to hear if they had been affected. Thankfully, they were not directly affected but they do have friends and family who were. I am sure that we have all seen the devastation that was left in its wake.

This is where a glimmer of HOPE and happiness raises it heads. In the true CAN DO fashion of many artists that I have so fortunately encountered during my online networking, a friend has stepped up to arrange a very special auction to benefit some of those who were personally affected by the tornado.

Heather Ales who lives right down the road from Oklahoma in TX and is a very talented artist, has
"HOPE" cross I created for
the auction
undertaken this task single handedly. What she envisioned as a small auction with maybe 40-50 items has mushroomed into a virtual extravaganza of handmade goodness. Beginning tomorrow and running just 5 days, folks will be able to bid on a plethora of artist made creations from dolls to jewelry, paintings to mixed media artwork. Participating are small local artisans to nationally known artists and instructors. Every day new goodness is being added!!

Please visit the Hope for Oklahoma site on Facebook and check out all the wonderful items that have been donated. Hey, you can start your holiday shopping early!! 100% of the proceeds will go DIRECTLY into the hands of (vetted) needy recipients and Heather will post pictures and share stories.
Below are just a few of the things I have my eye on...

Funky Frida by Aimee Wheaton
Adorable Owls by Doreen Gay- Kassel
Beautiful necklace by Beth Quinn

Gorgeous soldered earrings by Heather Ales

Leather cuff by Emilee Ginger


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